Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Saturday at Clifton Opera House

Sweet Betsy is returning to Clifton Opera House on Saturday, June 25th. They are an Opera House favorite, with the show starting at 7:30pm.

In January 2010, Sweet Betsy kicked off the new year round program at the Clifton Opera House. Their first show was memorable!

Band members Pam Baugham and Mike McDermott were knocked out when they walked into the Opera House, it was love at first sight! Pam and Mike sang and blended their fabulous harmonies and wowed the audience.

The last song of the evening was a special love song that Mike had written for his wife. As he sang the touching lyrics, a bat flew out from behind the curtain and soared from side to side, swooping and diving to the melody. Mike was a great sport and never faltered as he continued his lovely tribute to his wife. Of course it ended with a peal of giggles as the audience nervously looked for a return visit of the graceful swooping visitor. The bat never returned, but we are pleased to announce that Sweet Betsy is coming back for more!

Pam Baugham described the duo as " Each of us is different; we're a diff'rent kinda' band." Blend together soaring harmonies, mix in the melodic midwest sounds and follow up with a healthy dose of bluegrass, country and the blues. That's the unique sound of Sweet Betsy: different. Diff'rent is good. We like 'em! If you check out their website they define themselves as "City mouse meets country mouse!"

Favorite sayings:When you strip it down, it's all about the song and how it's sung... That's what Sweet Betsy is about. Don't mask it, don't clutter it up -- let it be what it was made to be. Their music influences is varied; Chris Thile, Aretha Franklin, Carole King, Keith Urban, Johnny Cash, Gillian Welch, Fifth Dimension, Buddy and Julie Miller, Julie Lee, The Tillers,The Carters,David Rawlings,Alison Kraus, Over The Rhine. They've got it all covered!

Join us on Saturday evening at 7:30pm, box office opens at 6:30pm. Suggested door donation $7.00, the historic Opera House is located at 5 So. Clay Street, Clifton. Call 937.342.2175 for more information.

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