Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Happy Unbirthday

In mid-June, Mek Logan posted a notice on Facebook explaining that since his wife, Darla, has a birthday the day after Christmas, she has never had a real birthday party, "not even as a kid, because everyone's always worn out from holiday stress!"

Mek's idea was to throw a surprise party for Darla to celebrate her HALF birthday. He took a big risk posting the invite on Facebook but fortunately, all the planning in secrecy paid off. Darla didn't suspect a thing and went about her business planning and anticipating a "plain old Welcome To Summer Party" which included swimming and badminton in their backyard.

After Mek grilled the burgers and hot dogs for the assembled guests, he announced what the party was really about. What a treat it was to see the kid-like joy in Darla's face and to be able to give her something that was so commonplace to others in our childhood (especially those of us who have non-holiday birthdays!) but was absent in hers.

Thanks to Mek for coming up with such a sweet and thoughtful gift and to all the participants for keeping the party a secret!

Happy Half-Birthday, Darla. You helped us all feel like a kid again.

Photos by Susan Gartner

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