Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yellow Springs Time (YST)

Here’s how I learned to tell time - early is on time, on time is late and late is unacceptable. That sums it up for most of my childhood and just about all of my 35 plus working years. It’s just totally ingrained in my thought process that you can’t be late – I’m sure the term “anal” comes to mind.

So now I’m trying to learn YS time standards - late is on time, on time is early and early just means you need more to do. Many of the meetings around town intentionally start late so that folks on YS time don’t miss anything. Do you think that reinforces the idea that you don’t need to be on time?

For most things, I understand YS time. But I’m still not clear on the proper etiquette when invited to someone’s home. Should I arrive on time, or is it better to be a few minutes late? I do know, according to my dinner companion, that we can’t be the first to arrive. Driving around the block waiting for someone else to be first may be what Emily Post would suggest, but it’s not helping our carbon foot print. Maybe invitations should have a “designated first arrival,” on time of course, and make it easier on the rest of us.

Actually, I’m getting comfortable with the more casual time standards and I really don’t mind being early. I can find a parking place; pick the best seat; the coffee is hot; the snacks are fresh; I have time to visit with people: and, best of all, it gives me time to write notes for the blog while waiting for things to get started.

A. Reader

Photo by V. Hervey

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dougieveg said...

I agree about the Yellow Springs time. It is laid back. However if you are so concerned about the "carbon footprint" from driving endlessly around the block perhaps you could take up another Yellow Springs tradition - walk. The town is less than 2 square miles. And imagine - if you chose to walk you not only lesson your footprint but you may end up showing up a little less early everywhere. ;-)