Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This morning when I checked my email I found I had messages from Sam Mohamed, Salami Kabore, Mr. Paul Aruna, Mrs. Rose Wood, Abdus Shafi (3), Nancy Mbogo, Mrs. Lorraine Dodds, The Camelot Group and something called postcode. Their subject lines contained such items as urgent reply requested (or needed/required), congratulations (you are a winner), confirm, and dear friend (or dearest). I don’t remember ever meeting any of these people. If indeed, as three of them implied, I were their dearest friend, I think I would remember.

Aren’t you tempted, as I am when I get this ridiculous spam, to write back and tell them that no one would reply to such nonsense? Don’t do it! If you do, your email address will be sold to more of these scoundrels and the next day you will probably have 10 times as much spam and the next day 100 times. Don't even open them!

Salami Kabore! I like that one. Over the years, I have probably received a hundred messages from spammers calling themselves Salome, but this is the first Salami. The laughable names and the spelling and grammar errors they usually manage to cram into a single subject line amazes me.

I hereby resolve to diligently collect the best of these from my spam folder and publish them on the Blog. Give me a week or two. If you get any that tickle your fancy, feel free to send them along. That is, send me only the name of the sender and the language contained in the subject line. Please do not forward the actual message! I can't begin to imagine the consequences.

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