Monday, February 8, 2010

Emporium Staff Art Opening

On Saturday evening, February 6, the Emporium hosted an opening reception and wine tasting to celebrate the musical and artistic talents of their staff. The party featured singer Juliet Hansen accompanied by pianist Mark DeLozier, DJ Bobby Lite (aka Robert Hasek), and a new local band MINK comprised of band members Michael Casselli, Iris Maria Heller (currently out of the country), Neil Thompson, Kurt Miyazaki, and Lee Johnson.

Photos by Susan Gartner


Anonymous said...

I love how the emporiom has as many events coupled with wine tastings as they want. It would be best to get a D licence if you want to always serve alcohol at every function.

Anonymous said...

All I now is all good things seem to generate from the Emporium. Thank God we have it