Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nonstop Salon: Herzog's 'Where the Green Ants Dream' - Sunday

Dan Reyes Hosts Herzog's 'Where the Green Ants Dream'
Sunday, February 28
7:00 PM
Nonstop Sunday Evening Salon
305 N. Walnut St.

Dan Reyes, Cultural Studies eduator, will host a screening of Werner Herzog's "Where the Green Ants Dream" (1984), a film representing a land conflict between native Aborigines and a uranium mining company. Accompanying remarks and discussion will address questions concerning Western humanism as framed by the film.

About the Host – Dan Reyes is a Nonstop Working Member, interdisciplinary scholar and architect. Together with Iveta Jusova he convenes a bi-weekly Nonstop reading group in Education & Public Intellectual Practice. Reyes produces art works as mixed media sculpture, graphic arts and architectural constructions, and his primary scholarly interests include the social and philosophical foundations of education, literary theory, cultural studies and visual cultural studies.

Nonstop’s Salons take place every other Sunday at 7pm. Salons encourage discussion, the sharing of cultural and academic works/research-in-progress, exposure to local resources, and diverse investigations. Each salon begins with a potluck meal; all are welcome; pass the hat admission.

For further information contact Chris Hill (767-2327,

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Anonymous said...

Fascinating film, I love pretty much all of Herzog, thanks for posting this - christina