Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bench to Nowhere: Swamp Thing

A Cool Town Toon


Les Groby said...

We can have a college right here in the barn!

Anonymous said...

Bad economies don’t just happen but are manufactured by the few who ‘have’ so as to convince the many who have naught of the few’s superiority and consequential right of the few to rule the many. It is an economical coup d’etat perpetuated by the few who have convinced themselves through their own lack of conscience and egomania that their usurious and avaricious actions are justified as long as the many will abide it. For the love of God that allows me to love myself, my fellow man, and my country, I implore my fellow Americans in their individual and collective capacities to hold your ground and stand up to these bullies and protect and defend that which we gain from our own self-sacrifice and all fruits that are born of honest labor. This is not a call for ignorant violence, for violence would only further justify the few’s misconceived right to rule the many. Forgive those fellows of their past offenses; stand up and rule yourselves today so as to ensure your prosperity tomorrow. -Michael Chopin of Pleasant Street, YS