Monday, April 19, 2010


Photo by Susan Gartner

Sleight-of-hand magician and comic David Williamson displayed his magical way with children (and adults) during the matinee performance of OperaCadabra 2010 at the Cedarville Opera House on Saturday, April 17. Special guests included Charlie Frye & Company and musical performance by Williamson's son, Ben, and Whitney Soares. Proceeds from the benefit will go to the Cedarville Opera House and the Riding Centre of Yellow Springs.

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Billy Lenox said...

This was my third Operacadabra and was AWESOME, once again. Cedarville attorney Jeff Ferguson's son, Rhys (I think that's his name) tried to steal the show in Williamson's first act with his stage antics, but this just added to the charm. Ben Williamson and Whitney's tunes were solid, especially the one with the penny whistle. LOVED IT!

Billy Lenox said...

This was my third Operacadabra and, once again, I LOVED IT. Ben and Whitney's music was fine too, especially the tune with the penny whistle. Dave should consider adding the fidgeting Rhys (I think that's his name), son of Cedarville attorney Jeff Ferguson, as a permanent part of his act.