Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One day left in Jet Noise Poll

There is just one day left in the Jet Noise Poll in the sidebar. Now is your last chance to register your opinion.

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Michael Kremer said...

Internet polls are an interesting measure of passion people have for a particular position within a debate. They fail to do two things:

1. objectively measure popular opinion, and
2. accurately reflect reality.

On my first point, at the time I write this there have been 44 votes cast for this pole. Obviously the sample size is isn't a meaningful quantity of people in Yellow Springs. Also, 44 votes does not mean that there have been 44 people voting. I voted in category "Moderate improvement". Although the jet noise bothers me at times, I don't have a strong antagonism towards the noise. And for this reason I've only voted once. How many people are reflected by the 25 votes for "No improvement" or "The noise seems worse"? Perhaps it is 25 people, but I have my doubts. It is very easy to spoof internet polls and vote repeatedly.

On my second point, I would have sworn that the jet noise has been reduced; however, I am perfectly willing to concede that my opinion is completely subjective. My windows may have been closed more. I may have been indoors more often. I may have had my headphones on more frequently while working. I may have been on the phone less. I cannot say with any certaintly at all if any of these conditions are true or not.

I'd like to see real data. Is anybody systematically tracking fly-overs or near fly-overs? Does anybody have Db measurements? This is what we need.

Virgil Hervey said...

Go ahead Mike, take all the fun out of it! :) Seriously, there are folks out there taking DBs. I refer you to Brooke Bryan's comprehensive article on the subject a few months ago: http://ysnews.com/news/2009/12/villagers-question-rise-in-airport-noise

Michael Kremer said...

Yes, that article has objective measures, fly-over counts and dB readings. It is what I am looking for, but the article is from December. Has there been an effort since then to reduce the noise? If so, has that been effective? That requires another, more current set of measures.

Another thing I noted from the article was a reference to the fly-overs from Wright-Pat. Personally I find these much more disruptive because they seem to last longer. During one such fly-over I actually was unable to converse with someone across the conference table from me.

Virgil Hervey said...

I've been at our daughter's house in Fairborn when they were doing touch-and-gos at night with those big cargo planes. It sounded like they were landing on her roof.

I will see if I can track down those people with the noise detectors for updated info.