Sunday, November 15, 2009

Farmer's Market - The end?

It was lonely Saturday morning at the Farmer’s Market and sad to realize that it’s about the end of another season. Is there any reason why we can’t have an indoors, Winter Farmer’s Market? I know we’re not going to get lots of fresh vegetables but you could still get eggs, baked goods, cheeses, honey, apples, local meat products and probably a few more items.

So the big question would be – where? I’ve heard talk around town that a small group of folks are actually trying to make this happen. I wish them luck and look forward to continuing my Saturday morning treks into town for coffee, shopping for local food items and socializing with the other fresh food lovers.

A. Reader

2 comments: said...

Just want to point out that the Farmer Markets will continue even though it is now getting colder out. All vendors have been told that they may continue to set up as long as they wish.

As long as the customers show up, the vendors will continue to do so as well.

An indoor venue has been discussed but no one has yet come up with a real commitment to one as yet.

Of even more interest to me, as a vendor at the Market, is discussion of a new spot for next year where the two Saturday markets can be combined into one.

Tecumseh said...

The Yellow Springs Methodist Church will open its doors for a winter market beginning January 9 every Saturday 9am-12pm through April. Some vendors will be moving indoors while I believe others will stay in the Kings Yard. More information will be forthcoming.