Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Deborah Benning, Clerk of Council - Nov. 24, 2009

I have the incredibly sad news that Deborah Benning passed away last night. She had been gravely ill for the past few weeks after being in and out of the hospital for much of the summer. Deborah will be missed by those of us on Council who depended upon her knowledge of the Village, understanding of everything to do with Village governance, her frequent jokes and great laughter. The community has lost a life-time resident who served this community for years, first as an elected official and then as the Clerk of Council. There will be a memorial service for Deborah at the Bryan Center on Saturday, December 5 at a time to be announced. Please keep her partner Ronnie and his daughter Ashanta and the rest of her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Karen Wintrow


Anonymous said...

My mother was an awesome woman and she will be greatly missed by both my sister Asara and myself. She became ill so fast that she did not have the chance to see her first born great grand daughter, Arla in person. Arla is every bit of my mother right down to her laugh. I will spend many days telling her stories about her great grandmother and how great she truly was. God Bless everyone for their support and love that has been bestowed upon my sister and myself - Cheryl Williams

Virgil Hervey said...

Thank you for writing Cheryl. Your mother was very much loved in this village. I am sure the readers here will appreciate hearing from you.