Thursday, November 19, 2009

Carolion - Nov. 18, 2009

Dear Friends and Family,

Carolion died peacefully at around 8:00 yesterday (wed) morning. She was able to stay in the house to the end. Her children, Ben, Jessie and I (Corrie) were at the bedside as well as Paul and Carol (my dad and stepmom). Our brother Max was en route from England when she passed.

Her condition was in a fairly steep decline starting last saturday. We were able to reorganize the house, with the help of hospice volunteers, to allow her more privacy and quiet to go more deeply inward. Last week I suggested that we send an update to her mailing list. She wanted to express to you her "great gratitude for the cards", which we received by twos and threes all but a couple of the days I've been here. She also wanted to share that she was "delighted in the changes" that she saw in her caretakers-my brother Ben, myself, and Tiger, as well as the army of devoted friends and neighbors that provided respite each week.

I am especially grateful and humbled by the time and devotion shown by Lee Ferguson, Selwa Whitesell, Rubin Battino, Bet Stewart, Alan Staiger, Patti Dallas, and Jonatha Wright, among others, who scheduled time week after week to allow Tiger and me the time and peace of mind that have made our journey possible. Hospice, too, has been an incredible organization to be a part of. Yellow Springs local nurses Liz Porter and Maureen Dawn have shown unyielding compassion and strength to our family.

A memorial service is planned for Friday, November 27th at 2 pm at the Glen Helen Building in Yellow Springs.



Anonymous said...

She was a lovely person, dedicated to creating, nurturing and inspiring others through her work to help better the world.

Kay Riemers said...

A wonderful woman. She wanted everyone around her to be happy and she helped to create that feeling. She's missed already.