Sunday, July 22, 2012

Word of local tree flap reaches Dayton

The Dayton Daily News carried a report on the Yellow Springs tree removal controversy in its Sunday edition this week.

A quote from the article:

"[Village Council member Karen] Wintrow said recently appointed Village Manager Laura Curliss proposed the downtown upgrades as an extension of a sidewalk work Lamont Excavating started on another section of Xenia Avenue in May.

She said there clearly should have been better communication and dialogue with villagers.

'That’s not the way things are done here,” Wintrow said. “We are a very deliberate community.'”

Dayton Daily News: Proposed removal of trees causes outrage in Yellow Springs

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Laura Curliss said...

The title of the article in the Dayton Daily News could well have been "Yellow Springs Plans Downtown Improvements Including More Trees, Improved Sidewalks and Streetlighting." The streetscape plan, developed with the assistance of a local landscape architect, will increase the number of trees in the downtown area from 15 to 20, will include burying of an overhead electric line and sewer improvements, will improve the sidewalks and street lighting, and will add much-needed bicycle parking to the downtown area. The Yellows Springs Tree Committee and other tree professionals in Yellow Springs concur that it is time to plant new trees, trees which will serve citizens and visitors for many years to come. The plan presented to Council includes design features that are more "tree friendly" than what we have now -- larger tree cut-outs, permeable pavers, better placement relative to parking space stripping, burying the electric line to allow uninhibited upward growth. Council is very "pro-tree" and this plan shows their commitment to more trees, healthier trees in the downtown. Laura Curliss, Village Manager, Village of Yellow Springs, Ohio