Monday, July 16, 2012

A Final Note from the “Save the Downtown Trees” Rally

 by Chris Till

            I have been heartened to read and hear all the dialogue on this blog and a certain social networking site about the downtown pear tree removal. I have equally enjoyed learning the arguments both for and against the new plan. Unfortunately, as our family-size just increased by one yesterday, I cannot go the Village Council meeting tonight. Nor can I likely continue to attend the downtown rallies. (Having been working or in the hospital for the last four days, I’m not even sure if they are still happening.) 
            This is one issue that I do hope I am wrong about because it seems likely, though not certain, to happen. Everything I wrote and said was out of a true-love for downtown Yellow Springs. Downtown not just a tourist zone for me, or an economic development zone; it's where I do most of my shopping and much of my socializing. 
            Since my lucky arrival here in 1998, this Village has been wonderful for, and to, me. If I wrote or said things that were too pointed and personal about this issue, I will do my best to be less pointed and personal in the future about local issues. Most of what I wrote and said was done in a state of near-shock to learn of the sudden new plan for the downtown pear trees. 
            Personally, though I realize that some find the downtown pear trees ugly and stinky, I've always found them attractive. I lived downtown above the hardware store for four formative years and gazed upon their verdant canopies daily and gladly. Then again, perhaps those who say that the downtown pear trees are basically dead and a grave hazard are correct; I am no arborist. I do agree that this is an issue in which there are well-meaning people are on both sides.
            Please pardon me if this post is a bit scattered. The new addition to our family is taking his first nap at home!


Virgil Hervey said...

Congratulations and best wishes!

jafabrit said...

woo hoo, congratulations Chris, and Whitney :)