Thursday, August 2, 2012

YS Chamber of Commerce leadership opportunity

Leadership Development
Did you know the Leadership Development Committee of the Chamber is active and looking for you!

Have you wondered what you can do to be involved in the Chamber?  Have you thought about being on a committee or a member of the Chamber Board?  The Leadership Development Committee wants to know if you are one of those members who is interested in becoming more involved now or in the next few years. 

The Board of the Yellow Springs Chamber is an active board that meets once a month.  Board members prepare for and actively participate in meetings as well as serve on committees as necessary.  There are events at times during the year where some board representation is beneficial and your help is anticipated and appreciated as available.

We have identified eleven business types from which we will strive to have representation.  Our goal is to develop a comprehensive list of individuals from a wide variety of business types with various skills and areas of expertise.  If you are interested in more information or are interested in being a Chamber Board member please e-mail Elise Click or Karen Wintrow.  

Not a Chamber member..? Email Karen Wintrow.

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