Friday, August 10, 2012

Back Story: Existentialist me

A great many people seem to feel the need to believe in something. Often, you find the expressions of their belief pasted on the bumpers of their cars. I either don't believe in anything, believe only in myself, or believe in my dog, depending on the day and my mood.

After watching the machinations of of government over the last four years, I can tell you one thing for certain: I don't believe in America. Two-faced rich guys, who tell you that you should, are just looking to line their pockets even more. They don't truly "believe in America," even though it has made them so filthy rich they keep their money in offshore accounts; they believe that there is a sucker born every minute in America. And, while that is not truly believing in something, it has been and continues to be a good bet. That pretty much sums up why I am not inclined to believe in anything, certainly not in a God who is just.

As for believing in myself, who better to trust not to let you down? Unfortunately, I have proven to be fallible. I let people down all the time, just ask those closest to me. And in not living up to my potential, I have let down the one person I never should have. Nope, not to be trusted... In the believability department, I fall somewhere between Mitt Romney and Bill Clinton.

So, I guess, most of the time I believe in Dog. You read that right - I'm not dyslexic, I'm an existentialist. My dog, for all her faults, is consistent. She can be trusted to act the exact same way in any given situation: she barks at the mailman without fail; she nips at my heels every time I traverse the backyard; and she has to go for a walk every night at the same time, just before "Final Jeopardy." To paraphrase Ferlinghetti, Alex Trebek is just another fire hydrant to her.

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Anonymous said...

Better the dog than Yoko Ono.