Thursday, May 10, 2012

Saturday night at Clifton Opera House

The musical group GoodVibes has been entertaining crowds for more than 15 years now and on Saturday, May 12th they return to Clifton. Band members Mark Smarelli on vibraphone (think xylophone but more mellow) provides a wonderfully visual excitement while improvising over jazz standards; John Dessinger keeps the group on time with his very unique drum set. He provides the groove that allows the other musicians to perform. Jim “Boney” Bonecutter also performs on a unique instrument. His upright skinny bass is somewhat of a hybrid. And like “some hybrids today” Jim sometimes finds it difficult to put on the brakes when it comes to laying down a great bass line for the group. Chuck Young provides both very tasteful guitar playing and is the voice of GoodVibes. He offers the audience a great mix of vocal standards as well as selections from more contemporary artists. Together these seasoned musicians are the musical group GoodVibes.

And if you haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying their performance, please come to the Clifton Opera House on Saturday, May 12th from 7:30 pm till 9:30 pm. GoodVibes looks forward to once again filling the hall with music from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and more…..The group has two audio CDs that will be for sale at this performance. A splendid time is guaranteed for all ! The Clifton Opera House is located at 5 So Clay Street, Clifton. Box office opens at 6:30pm.

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