Sunday, May 13, 2012

Call for scripts by local playwrights

The Yellow springs 10-Minute Play Festival:
Shooting for late October or early November

Springers, dust off your old scripts; start writing something new and exciting; get ready for production!

Last year's 10-Minute Play Festival was a success beyond anything we could have contemplated. So, let's do it again!

The deadline for script submissions is September 7, 2012.

Scripts may be sent as email attachments to or mailed to Gunch Press, P.O. Box 544, Yellow Springs.

Open to those who live or work in Yellow Springs or Miami Township (Greene). This festival is not a competition (beyond the initial screening process). Therefore, we will not be strict about the 10-minute limit, but we are looking for very short plays. If it is too long, it will not make the cut. Those who submit a script should be prepared to produce their own play. A limited amount of help will be available, but we really like it when the playwrights either direct their own plays or find someone to do it. Same goes for casting. We might be able to help you find actors, but we prefer you to cast your own play. Keeping that in mind, short plays are always best with small casts. Rehearsing a 10-minute version of "Ben Hur" is going to grate on the actors' nerves. And keep the sets simple - they change every 10 minutes.

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