Saturday, May 5, 2012

Free samples at the Cone tonight

At the Corner Cone

We're doing free tasting samples at the Saturday Night Bike & Stroll.
Hand-dipped, special recipe "Smart Dog" Corn Dogs.
Of course we make them with 100% Beef dogs for the un-enlightened. Carefully study the diagram for details. We are now proud to serve these "tasty satisfiers" daily.

There will be an open mic Sunday at 2 p.m. featuring Les Groby.


Les Groby said...

Brother Bear and Mindy start selling dogs, and Corner Cone has to up their game by breaking out the corn dogs! See how competition benefits the consumer? Protectionist regulations reduce our choices.

Virgil Hervey said...

How the hotdog killed Uncle Harry

About one cubic centimeter
of 100% all beef, Kosher frank
was lodged in that little nook
where the large intestine
joins the small;
where any surgeon,
worth his salt,
will tell you,
in language you won't understand,
it is most difficult to operate.

Festering, eating at the bowel,
rotting, poisoning, contaminating,
but nourishing the malevolent cells.
It was all pink and rosy
on the way down
(some solicitous nephew
had taken him to the ball park).
Now it was gray or green or...
who would really know?

Years before, he had survived
two heart attacks and a stroke.
This time, his body and his outlook poisoned,
he chose not to fight.
Prolonging life
would not have been worth
fighting doctors and death,
nurses and suffering;
not worth the tube down the throat
(or up the the other way)
the IV's,
the hospital food
and the "put on a happy face"
for the endless line of well wishers,
who wouldn't want him to quit
because it would remind them
of their own mortality.

So he told his nephew,
"F**k it, let me die!"