Thursday, July 28, 2011

YS Post Office safe for now

This from Bruce Bradtmiller:

I heard a news story on NPR about the post office losing money (old news) and that they were considering closing some post offices (old news) but that the postmaster general had put out a list of possible closings. A “study list”. It’s available online, of course, and I checked. YS is not on the list, at least for the moment. Pfew.

Photo of YS Postmaster Dave Kennedy by Virgil Hervey


Yvonne said...

It's not closing, but our delivery personnel ARE being transferred to Xenia, which is where all our mail will now come from. The window folks as well perhaps; I was told that Dave will be THE window person with a parttimer for awhile. Yes, that's better than closing, but not optimal. I think we'll notice a BIG difference!
(This was just yesterday)

Yvonne said...

I asked again today (7/29); the date for all this is Sept. 10. Dave is not talking about it, I suppoose, because he's not supposed to, but all you have to do is ask one of the window personnel or carriers, whose jobs are affected. I think you should update the blog; it WILL make a BIG difference.