Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Testing the waters...

Looking for 10-minute playwrights

The Coots in "Parking Spaces" at the Corner Cone last year.

A few years back, Holly Hudson organized a 10-minute play festival that I enjoyed so much, I immediately set about writing a short play of my own. It was another couple years before Rani Deigh Crowe put together last year's 10-minute play festival at the Corner Cone. Again, I enjoyed it immensely, this time from the inside. Ever since, the Coots Repertory Company has been bugging me, "When are we gonna do another play?"

I have a play, and my guys like it, but we have no venue. A solo 10-minute play is hard to sell. So, I am testing the waters. If I can get local playwrights to submit 6-10 plays, I will organize a festival for this fall. Beyond selecting an appropriate number of plays in the event we have a large number of submissions, this will not be a contest. No competition, no prizes: just the sheer joy of local folks putting on a show.

If you have a short play and are interested in producing it, let me know by emailing me at



Anonymous said...

What a great idea and what fun to see the plays to be performed!

Kay Reimers said...

Great minds think alike. I'd like to bring back community theater to Yellow Springs. A 10 minute play festival would be a nice way to start. All we need are 6 or 7 brave souls willing to write a 10 minute play and an audience willing to come and cheer their favorite local writers on. Any volunteers?

Virgil Hervey said...

It looks like we have three 10-minute plays lined up for this fall - would love to have 6-10. Your play does not necessarily have to be newly written or produced here for the first time. I've seen some pretty good ten minute plays in town that I would like to have for this festival.