Thursday, July 21, 2011

Seduced and Abandoned

"I feel like such a little tramp," local writer Harry Kresge said upon learning that Yellow Springs was not chosen 'most fun town' in the Rand McNally/USA Today Best of the Road Contest. "I poured out my soul to corporate America, for what, a marketing stunt?"

"Maybe our snippy nature shone through," said his wife Mona Lee Kresge. "I not only demand a recount, I demand a new contest - 'most snippy town.' We can snip with the best of them. We can snip like an Australian Cattle Dog. Well, anyway, we can go back to being our normally snippy selves, now; focus on fracking, quarries, tire burns and the like - business as usual."

"They should have been around for Cirque de Dayton Street," local entrepreneur Morely Stevens said. "They'd know what fun was then. I think we suffered from going too early in the rotation. If we'd have been last, we probably would have won."

Those were a few comments heard around town after the news that Glenwood Springs, Colorado was named "most fun" broke on the Best of the Road Blog.

On the less snippy side, here's what Lisa Goldberg wrote about it on her Facebook page: We here in YS know that we really are the most fun in many ways- we have an amazing community and know how to have a great town without a beach, boardwalk or adventure parks or rides. As someone said, we know how to have fun without spending $$$, which is great. Thanks everyone for showing the Rand McNally/USA Today folks a good time.

My two cents: The Chamber of Commerce, Arts Council, local businesses and a host of fun-loving town folk should be commended for a gargantuan effort. We all should be reminded that we had fun doing it, and we can still claim that were are one of the six most fun towns in America.



Yvonne said...

I'll be honest, YES, we do know how to have fun, but I think we are MUCH more than that. I think we are a healing place, a special village where people are mostly good to each other. Maybe that's who we are instead and we can be proud of that!

jafabrit said...

The sense of community spirit is what shines through, we already know we have fun, yes? It wasn't and isn't a stretch to do that ;) Just as much time and effort and fun went into doing cirque carnival.