Monday, January 10, 2011

Saturday at Clifton Opera House

Sweet Betsy

Clifton Opera House opens a very special 2011 season on Saturday, January 15th. The first performance of the year is by a Clifton favorite called "Sweet Betsy". Two kindred souls from very different backgrounds melding together a unique blend of old school soul and jazz, with roots and traditional music. Sweet Betsy opened our 2010 season and they are back! We have started a great tradition!

Sweet Betsy's "Americana" music will delight with a variety of styles. Mike McDermott is on mandolin, guitar, and vocals and Pam Baugham plays guitar, and vocals. They have put together soaring harmonies, mixed in the melodic sounds of the Midwest and top it off with a healthy dose of bluegrass, country and the blues. That's the unique sound of Sweet Betsy...different...and diff'rent is good. Sweet Betsy records exclusively with *Pittfall Studios! They have just released a new disc entitled "So Long For Now" Pick up your own copy at the show. Check out their website Sweet Betsy recently performed at the Clifton Winterfest.

The Clifton Opera House is located at 5 So Clay Street, Clifton. The box office opens at 6:30pm, show starts at 7:30pm. Call 937.342.2175 for information or check out the website

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