Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back Story: Young dog teaches old dog new tricks

Startling revelation scandalizes puppy school

This puppy doesn't wait for commands. She walks up to you, sits down, lays down, rolls over, sits up, high fives you with her paw, and then looks you in the eye with those big, sad eyes, waiting for her treat. That's Suki at her best. Good doggie!

At her worst, she nips at your heels, tugs at your pants leg, growls, barks and, if that's not enough to get your attention, she will leave a puddle in the middle of the kitchen floor right in front of you. Bad doggie!

When her cousin dog comes over for play time, she attacks with everything she's got. It doesn't matter that the other dog is five times her size, she sinks those sharp, little teeth into his jowls and holds on for dear life. Fortunately, he is patient and restrains his instinct to tear her belly open, when he is finally able to get her down.

So, we had good reason to look forward to the first day of puppy school at PetSmart in Beavercreek last Saturday with a great deal of trepidation. Surprise! Surprise! As it turned out, Suki was the best behaved of the four pups in the class. As the other three, a Golden Lab, Jack Russell Terrier and American Bulldog, rolled around in a ball, nipping and growling at each other, she sat calmly at my side watching with a regal air of aloofness. When they tried to engage her, she rapidly departed off with her tail between her legs. It was the Jack Russell, by far the smallest dog there, that caused all the turmoil. And we had been so sure that Suki would be expelled on the first day of school for biting another dog. Good doggie!

There was one tense moment, however. The proud parents were all asked to report any bad behaviors they felt needed correcting. I went first, listing all of the above and adding two that no one expected. A hush fell over the group as I exclaimed, "She drinks her pee and eats her poop."

The trainer was speechless. The other parents let out an "oooh" and clutched their precious puppies closer to them. It seemed as if all other activity in the busy store came to a halt and all the customers and their dogs leaned in a little closer to the training area to hear if there was more.

Heh, heh... Bad doggie!


Toad Hall said...

Poor baby. Aussies were bred to survive no matter what in the dry and barren Outback. I gave Molly some pills from the vet prescribed for corphagia and after about a month it worked. I had to give the pills to the other dogs too so she wouldn't eat theirs. I love the picture. She is a sweet baby. They surely breed true.

Virgil Hervey said...

Yes, we were prescribed corproban [sp?] before each meal for 10 days. The 10 days are just up and it has not been effective. Based on what you have written here, we are thinking about asking for more. I'll call the vet tomorrow. Thanks!