Tuesday, January 11, 2011

360 Private Training Studio classes still open!

January 2011 Classes

The following are classes suitable for all levels of experience.

$12/class - buy 6 classes or more and get a $10/class rate.

Feel free to mix it up and try different classes.
Call, text or e-mail Melissa Heston to reserve your spot for class.
Space is limited. 937-901-0344/melissa@360degreetraining.com

Mon & Wed 7:00-8:00PM
Taught by guest trainer, Barbara Crowley, cPT

Zumba is a Latin dance aerobics class for all levels. It's a dance party, it's a cardiovascular workout, it's just plain fun. Zumba works on rhythm, coordination, multi-limbed movements, to heart pumping beats. Learn the basics of different forms of Latin dance while getting cardiovascularly fit. No experience necessary.

Boot Camp
Wed & Fri 6:00-7:00PM
Taught by guest trainer,
Steven Leopold, cPT

Initially inspired by the military form of fitness, Boot Camp fitness class is really a test of the will. It incorporates a few series of circuit exercises progressively designed to increase your willpower and endurance capabilities. This class is perfectly suited for the endurance athlete, or the everyday Joe or Jane wanting to test themselves, their bodies and their minds. Can you do it? Sure you can! PX90 and Insanity enthusiasts need to try this at least one session.

Pilates Mat Class
Tue & Thu 6:30-7:15AM
Taught by Melissa Heston, cPT

Pilates is a form of movement designed to strengthen your core (torso) while using your body as weight or resistance. The movement is controlled, integrating the use of the breath in conjunction with the resistance of the body's weight and gravity. The mat class is sequenced to warm the body up, strengthen it, create a wider range of motion, and end with a stretch ready to start your day! This class is suitable for all levels and specifically designed for individuals needing help with abdominal, back, shoulder or hip strengthening.

Cardio Weight Training
Tue & Thu 12noon -1:00pm
Taught by Melissa Heston, cPT

This class has it all - agility, cardiovascular fitness, weight training, plyometrics, balance and flexibility training rolled all into one hour - oh, and did I forget rest? It has a restorative yoga pose at the very end too. What more would you need? This is a great lunch break, or good mid-day workout. Suitable for all levels, especially for those needing a kick start to their winter program.

Tae Bo/Kickboxing Aerobics
Thu 7:00-8:00PM
Taught by Melissa Heston, cPT

A "kick back" to the late '90's early '00, this class is just what you remember. Heart pumping, kicks, punches, jabs, and shuffles - great release after a long day at work. A low impact cardiovascular exercise class with an easy warm up, and cool down stretching session to follow - perhaps a short restorative yoga pose too to send you home into a nice relaxing slumber. Suitable for all levels.

BYOT (Bring Your Own Trainer)
Indoor Pre-season Winter Cycling Training
Sat 11:00AM -12:30PM

Calling all cycling enthusiasts & newbies! Join us as we crank up the energy through the gray, cold, winter months in the warmth of the indoors. You supply your bike and a cycling trainer, and we'll provide water, towels and a motivating coach as we weather the grueling workout together. We utilize Carmichael Training System DVD's, as well as Cycling Fusion and Heart Zones. Train with us as you prepare for your spring and summer cycling events, centuries, tri's, etc. - suffering together is so much more fun than by yourself. Am I right?

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