Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bogus emails circulating again

People listed in a certain villager's email contacts list are receiving bogus emails asking for money to help her out in an emergency. The subject line reads: BAD NEWS!!! If you get such an email, do not open it. If you do, do not respond to it. Delete it immediately! This is the second time in recent weeks the hacking of a villager's email account has occurred.

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jafabrit said...

Are they stuck in London and have been mugged and need you to wire money? they may have had their facebook account hacked and since some people are using the same password for their fb AND email, that's how they access all the email addy's, grrrrrrrrr.

cryptozoologist said...

these problems are usually due to the use of microsoft windows. if this happens to you, contact microsoft immediately and get your money back.