Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CJ's makes the rent

CJ's wants to extent the most heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported the Rent Party last Friday!

The response was OVERWHELMING on many levels.

First of all, WE PAID THE RENT!!!

But it had a lot of other effects as well. Perhaps the most important was the renewal of our morale. Nothing is lonelier than going broke during the darkest days of winter. Now we know that we're NOT alone. In fact, we have loyal fans and friends in overwhelming numbers! You all gave us our faith back that we were doing positive things that the community wanted. We can look forward to the future with new plans and new features to make CJ's better than ever.

Second, we learned a lot real fast about how to more efficiently serve people at this kind of event. Our apologies to those who had a long wait.......that won't happen in the future!

We also learned that a single theme menu and a musical evening is great fun for everyone. It was great to watch folks eating their dinner, sipping their wine and enjoying the music. And we suspect that no one has ever danced in this building before! We want to make this a regular type of event.

We want to thank Mack and the Rockets for pulling this all together. It was their idea to create this event, and their faith and labor that carried it off. When we were ready to give up, they came through and changed everything. Our debt to them is enormous.

Finally, our long term health depends on a steady flow of customers. The days are getting longer, it WILL get warmer, Spring is on the way. Fight the winter blues by having dinner or lunch at CJ's and share our faith that better days are coming!

Thanks again to all!!

Carl and Jim

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