Thursday, September 20, 2012

YS Arts Council Gallery

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With over 30 one-man shows in his 56 years as an artist, Glenn Owen continues to surprise and stimulate. Owen, former YSHS art teacher, presents images that have been described as "fractal" and "psychedelic".

Glenn will give an Artist Talk about his artwork and its therapeutic benefits on Saturday, September 22 from 5:30-6pm as part of the Art Heals evening at the YSAC Community Gallery.

There really isn’t much that Owen hasn’t done as a visual artist. “I focus on the round, cellular and modular,” says Owen. He assures of his upcoming exhibit at the YSAC Gallery, “No painter that I’ve seen living or dead is working in this vein. I’m on my own out here… I don’t have a Guru right now.”

The inspiration for this body of work is related to his own personal wellness story. Born with a heart condition, Owen spent 73 years living life to the fullest before he found himself in cardiovascular turmoil. During a visit to the hospital after almost dying, the artist witnessed images of his own heart beating on a monitor screen. 

“It was a new visual experience for me to see internal landscapes I never knew existed,” confesses Owen. Inspired by his findings, Owen grabbed a pen and paper and started drawing. “This work is a continuation of that drawing.”

ess that is unique to each individual. We can critique each other's work, if asked :), and perhaps come up with a Join us for the Opening Reception on Friday, September 21 from 6-9pm.  Barbara Leeds will be wooing us with classical music throughout the evening on the YSAC Community Gallery's outdoor patio!  This will be a great evening to meet local artists and good friends.

Go to for more details.  The YSAC Community Gallery is now open from Wednesday to Sunday (1-4pm), except during the third week of each month.

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