Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rally to save the gardens at Lawson Place

This from Vickie Hennessy:

The gardens at Lawson Place are destined to be removed by
Greene Metropolitan Housing Authority (GMHA) on October 1, 2012.
We have tried to negotiate and compromise with GMHA for the past 2 months, but to no avail.
Now we need your help!
Please come to our Rally/March on Sunday, September 9, at 2 PM.
We will meet at the John Bryan Community Center
and march, with protest signs, to Lawson Place.
There, you will be able to tour the gardens and express your support.
(Come early and make your own sign with supplies available)
We also need community members to write letters of support to HUD.
The gardens in question have been cultivated by residents for many years and provide them with beauty, food, a therapeutic activity, and pride in their homes.
Please send letters of support, emails, phone calls to:
  Shawn Sweet                                    Sandra Henriquez
  Cleveland Hub                                  US Dept of Housing and Urban Development
  Renaissance Building                       451 Seventh Street, S.W.
  1350 Euclid Ave, Suite 500              Washington DC 20410
  Cleveland, OH  44115-1815
  216 357-7736                                    202 708-0950
  SHAWN.SWEET@hud.gov              Sandra.Henrique@hud.gov
THANK YOU  ! ! !


Terri said...

I will do all that I can. My father is a resident of Lawson Place and he is one that does a very big annual garden every year as well a vegetable garden. He takes great pride in his gardening and it is absolutely beautiful and gives much joy to other residents and community members. Thank you in advance for being a part of this, I have been fighting GMH on several things for many years and I am so exhausted but I must keep on with the good fight. HUD does not care about these residents and uniqueness of Lawson Place and GMH isn't standing up against the 'Big Boys" regarding this matter. Let's speak loudly and make them listen!!

Ozzie said...

I emailed the HUD officials on Monday and received this response the next day:

Dear Residents:
I am sharing with you the response I sent earlier today to Ms. Smith regarding the gardens at Lawson Place. Please be assured that we are making efforts to understand the issue and to speak with the housing authority about its proposed actions.

Please know that others do not have to send similar letters to “get our attention”. We are already looking into the matter.


Sandra Henriquez