Friday, March 16, 2012

Update on pet treats from China

Dogs are getting sick - many dying

Holly Rudawski McCutcheon of Springfield, whom I mentioned yesterday as one of the folks who turned me onto the Chinese dog treat issue, was recently interviewed by ABC News. The article appeared on their Website today.

ABC News: Toxic Treats from China Killing US Dogs, say Pet Owners

Original Post: Warning for Dog Owners


Anonymous said...

bbTalk to Dr. Hoskitt - he told a friend that he had had a number of dogs he had to put down due to kidney failure recently & wondered to her what was amiss.
Someone needs to question other vets to see if they are seeing an increase in dog kidney failure.
I lost 2 cats to the melamine in the cat food & have two more with badly damaged kidneys.

Pet Lover said...

Will be difficult for American Pets to get used to the medicine ,herbs which are new to them & not tested.

Anonymous said...

The FDA issued a warning but no recall.

Here is an article about it:

If they are feeding melamine laced food (to increase the protein level artificially) to their chickens, the chicken jerky treats could have melamine in them. That was what caused the kidney damage in the petfood recall of '07.