Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Burn Notice

Tonight's scheduled prairie fire at Morris Bean has been cancelled due to high winds.

Miami Township Fire-Rescue will be conducting a prescribed burn of the prairie at Morris Bean & Company Wednesday evening (March 7th) beginning around 6:30 PM. The burn should last no longer than 2 hours and will be dependent upon weather conditions. Morris Bean & Company is located at 777 E. Hyde Road, just south of Yellow Springs. During the burn, flames and smoke will be visible in the area. There is no fire danger to surrounding homes.

Fire has always been a partner with healthy prairies and is a key part of Morris Bean & Company’s native prairie restoration project. Prairies are managed and maintained by prescribed burns. During each burn, non-native plants are removed, allowing prairie plants more nutrients and room to grow. Prairie plants can survive fires since they have deep roots and grow from a point underground. A prescribed burn is a crucial component in prairie restoration.

The public is invited to observe this burn from the Morris Bean & Company driveway. The burn will be postponed should weather conditions warrant. Please feel free to contact the fire department with any questions or concerns at 767-7842.

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