Saturday, March 10, 2012

Free Ukulele & Free Lessons

Corner Cone Ukulele Club

If you are 8 to 12 years old apply now. Limited spaces available.

40 minute group Lessons will commence at 3 PM, Friday, April 13th, and continue for 6 weeks.

That’s right Friday the 13th but for 10 budding Ukulele aficionados it could be the beginning of an auspicious career on the stage. Well... maybe on YouTube.

Apply Now at

The club is made possible by the generous support of McCutcheon Music, and Warren Kearney teacher extraordinaire.

Warren specializes in teaching guitar to children, as well as other instruments including banjo, ukulele, digeridoo and Irish instruments including the concertina.

McCutcheon Music
Founded in 1988, McCutcheon Music has been the result of Jim and Debbie McCutcheon's desire to create a music store where families can come for personal attention, excellent service, quality products and teachers who are professional musicians and the sort of individuals who can help take the guesswork out of finding the right music teacher.

Jim McCutcheon is host of, "The Intimate Guitar"
Dayton Public Radio (WDPR-FM 88.1 / WDPG-FM 89.9)1330638937

Corner Cone Dairy Bar & Grill
101 S Walnut St
Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387

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