Wednesday, December 22, 2010

CJ's Southern Cookin is considering closing

Lack of working capital cited as major factor

According to CJ's owners Jim Zehner and Carl Moore, the delays and expenses involved in opening the restaurant chewed up much more of the original investment capital than expected. "We had the choice back in July of not opening at all and losing everything we put into it, or trying to tough it out without enough capital and fight the odds.", according to Moore and Zehner. "We are glad we decided to go forward. Feeding people good food and sending them off full and happy is a joyous experience. It is definitely worth it"

There are some bright spots on the horizon for early next year. "We have begun to reach out more effectively to Central State and Wilberforce Universities and foresee growth in sales there." said Moore and Zehner. "Thanks to some VERY generous assistance from some good customers, we will be able to advertise far more widely in areas outside Yellow Springs."

In spite of these bright spots, the lack of cash might make those opportunities moot.

We want to move forward but probably won't be able to do so without help. If you are a CJ's customer and like what we're trying to do, we need your help. If you are not a CJ's customer, stop in and see what we have to offer.

Thanks everyone!

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