Tuesday, February 10, 2009

From Judith Hempfling, YS Village Council President

Date: February 9, 2009 11:36:41 PM EST

Subject: Antioch College Main Building Clean Up Plan

Villagers and friends of Antioch College,

I am writing to share information gathered this afternoon at a meeting between Village leaders and Antioch University officials regarding the flooding of Antioch College Main Building. Chancellor Toni Murdoch and Public Relations Director Linda Sirk agreed to meet with Village Council members Karen Wintrow and myself, Village Manager Mark Cundiff and Fire Chief Collin Altman to provide information about this event and their plans for clean up. The information we received was very helpful and we are hopeful that the work done in the next days will go a long way to minimize damage of this beloved building. Please share this information.

Clearly, much of the distress in regards to these recent events, has been a lack of information which had left many of us trying to piece together what had occurred and the impact of the water on the building. The images caught on video of many inches of water in Main Building with more water raining down was very shocking and frightening.

Below are the highlights of the information we received today regarding Main Building.
• A walk through of all of the buildings on campus takes place 3 times a week and had occured late in the week
• The cause of the water pipe break in the attic is believed to be corrosion of a supply pipe to the sprinkler system
• The sprinkler system in the building is a dry system, but with the pipe breakage, compressed air was released and the water began to flow
• At the source of water in the basement there is space heating to prevent freezing pipes
• There is no alarm on this system which is why the Fire Department was not alerted to the problem
• The University has hired a highly recommended company Servpro, to do the cleanup.

Servpro has recommended the following, and the University has hired Servpro to do the work of drying out the building. They will begin there work tomorrow, Tuesday:
• Excess water will be extracted from each floor of the building
• 150 fans will be placed on each floor of the building
• During the cleanup, the building will be heated via auxillary sources provided by Servpro
• Soaked Carpeting and ceiling tiles will be removed
• A high priority is to protect the wood panelling
• The wet area on the outside brick wall shown in the video is believed to be unrelated to the incident
• Insurance coverage will pay for repairs beyond clean up to be done in the future
• The cleanup will take approximately 10 days
• The fire protection system will be put back in place in the next few days

We also discussed the situation at South Hall. When the sprinkler system went off there in late December, the alarm went off, and the Fire Department responded. The water was shut off within a few minutes of the incident. Some water damage occurred to drywall and ceiling. Wet carpeting and drywall was removed and the area was cleaned up by the College/University crew. Insurance coverage will repair this damage in the future but it is being described as fixable and not structural. All wet materials were removed.

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