Friday, September 28, 2012

Lookiing for scarecrows

Yelloween Scarecrow Project:
The Yelloween Scarecrow Project was a terrific success in 2011 due in part to wide and varied participation. We hope for more “Scare” this year so we’ll have even more to “Crow” about.  As you know we utilize the flag pockets in the sidewalk for poles to support scarecrow frames on which an Artist / Student / Craftee type can create a scarecrow. They go up immediately following October Street Fair and remain through Yelloween. The Yelloween Scarecrow Project is an opportunity for regional and national press.
If your business wishes to participate:
You'll need a structure on which your sculpture can be built. You may build your own or purchase one for $20. If you are a non-profit, Jailhouse Suites will donate a frame to you at no cost. The frame inserts in the flag pockets in the sidewalk. If you don't have a flag pocket (these are the holes in the sidewalk the Lion's Clubs sticks flags in on the 4th) contact Bob Swaney and we’ll figure it out. You'll need someone to make your scarecrow and supplies for him or her to use.

If you wish: Yellow Springs Kids Playhouse and Mill’s Lawn School are ready to build a Scarecrow for you. A donation to one of these organizations is appropriate for supplies.

Bob Swaney

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