Wednesday, December 1, 2010

School Board/KnowledgeWorks seminar this Saturday

The YS School Board has engaged the KnowledgeWorks Foundation to run a seminar this Saturday (12/4) for any interested citizen to inform us of all the new best practice PUBLIC K-12 educational models now emerging across the US. (KnowledgeWorks will have made the same presentation to all district teachers and staff the day before, Friday the 3rd)

This discussion will take place at the Glen Helen Building from 9AM to 11. There are 60 places available; and, as of now, despite advertising, there are still about 10 openings available.

KnowledgeWorks is a large Cincinnati based foundation wholly devoted to K-12 and linked to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

This seminar initiates the Board's 2020 Initiative. 2020 will revise our district's educational delivery model with the goals of making K-12 education in our small district: of much more robust quality, appropriate for 21st century learners and financially sustainable. For many reasons including that Yellow Springs is the "Education Village," we believe all the components of such progress are within our grasp. Furthermore we believe that the best way to insure the future of our district, one of the dozen smallest in Ohio, is to be on the cutting edge of K-12 education today.

Please consider attending. To sign up call or visit the Board District office. The tel. # is 767-7381.

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