Thursday, December 9, 2010

Email hacker warning!

A local woman's email account was hacked today, resulting in messages being sent to email addresses in her contacts list. The hacker who hijacked her email is trying to get people to send money, because she and her husband are allegedly stuck in London after having been mugged and left without cash or credit cards.

If you get such an email, it is best not to reply in any way, as they might be able to hack into your account, too. And, whatever you do, do not send money without independently verifying the situation.


jafabrit said...

this happened to a friend of mine, and it was a nightmare because they took over her art blog too :(

there is another scam called shoppybag, don't fall for the email that says a friend tagged you in a photo. Once you sign in they access all your email contacts and use them to promote their site with the same tactic.

Susan Gartner said...

Thanks for the info, JafaBrit. I was getting a bunch of shoppybag e-mails and didn't know what they were.