Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New shop in town to feature local artisans

The Blog dropped in on Urban Hand Made, the newest shop in town, yesterday afternoon. While I was talking with D.J. Galvin, one of the owners, Ken Simon came by to see what they had done with his old space at 241 Xenia Ave. In the process, we got a little historical perspective.

You might remember that the previous occupant was Donna Avnaim's consignment shop Deja Vu. But before that, Simon ran Gemini Gallery and Music out of that location for some 27 years. Simon closed shop in 2006. He contiues to run his framing business out of his home.

The current offering is a potpourri of jewelry, accessories, clothing, handbags, paper goods, original art and other items. As Galvin gave me the tour, I couldn't help but think this is a cross between Dark Star and Village Artisans, with a leaning more toward the latter. Like Village Artisans, Urban Hand Made will feature the work of local artists. Also featured are the creations of Galvin and her two partners, her mother-in-law Connie Galvin and friend Liz Stutzman (no relation to Gary of the garden center).

Stutzman creates handbags she calls the "Original Woody" from birch and vintage belts, bracelets, cigar box purses, and Ohio t-shirts.

Connie Galvin makes stain glass boxes and clocks, handmade journals, and microscope slide pendants.

"Everything is recycled, up-cycled, safe and nontoxic," D.J. Galvin said. "This is an eco-friendly store."

Galvin herself makes greeting cards, pendants out of Scrabble tiles, dominoes and Rummi cubes, and t-shirts. Perusing the cards, I could see she is a very funny lady. She is also a graphic designer and will run her full-service advertising agency out of a back room.

Galvin and her husband's mother met Stutzman about a year ago at a crafts show. They were all looking for a place to show their work. Galvin knew of Yellow Springs because her husband's family originally came from here. They agreed that the village would be perfect for what they wanted to do. Then the Deja Vu space became available.

Currently, the shop is also displaying the work of local artists Rebecca Kuder and Chelle Palasis. The shop is open this week, but the official grand opening will be this Saturday. By then, Galvin said, the work of five more artists will be on display and she expects to up the number to ten after then.

"Things will be moved around in the store," she said, " as we feature different artists."

Store hours are: Mon. - Thurs., 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.; Fri. & Sat., 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.; and Sun., 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. They plan to stay open till 10 p.m. for Third Friday Flings in the Springs, she said.

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jafabrit said...

How wonderful and so fitting for Yellow Springs. I look forward to visiting. Thanks for the info.