Tuesday, July 9, 2013

One of our good guys is down

Jimmy Chesire, beloved by all from tee-ballers to to Writers' Workshop denizens, was walking his dog, as I often do mine, up at Ellis Pond, when somehow he fell and hit his head on a rock. Just like that, he went from a guy, enjoying canine companionship and the scenery north of town, to a seriously injured patient in intensive care in Kettering. As improbable and as scary as that is, perhaps we can identify with it. I know I can.

Jimmy has suffered a serious brain injury that required five hours of surgery and a medically induced coma that will last for several days. The prognosis, which was not so good when he was first examined a couple days ago, has improved. Perhaps someday, he will be out at Gaunt Park again kibitzing with the little ball players and writing about it for the newspaper. We can all pray for that.

Meanwhile, there is something else we can do. When something like this happens, family is stretched to the limits. Of course, his wife Robin and daughter Adrienne have more on there minds than preparing their next meal. So an account has been set up at Current Cuisine that can be donated to. This allows them to stop in and order whatever they please, drawing on the account to pay for it. You can simply drop in and tell them that you are donating to the Jimmy Cheshire fund.

Meanwhile, let's keep Jimmy and his family in our thoughts and prayers. If you know Jimmy, you have had the pleasure of meeting a really great human being, always ready to help, and a true inspiration to treat one's fellow human beings with love and dignity.

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beckcomm said...

Thanks, Virgil. Jimmy was on faculty of the Antioch Writers' Workshop my first year. He was very supportive when I needed help; now it's my turn to return the favor.

Keeping them all in my prayers!

Wendy B.