Friday, July 19, 2013

Notice re Blog announcements and ads

Dear Readers:

You may have noticed that, for sometime now, the Blog has not carried paid advertisements from commercial businesses in its sidebar. Now, the editor is taking it one step further... Henceforth, the Blog will no longer be posting announcements - at least on a regular basis. Facebook has made this service unnecessary. If you want to know what's going on in town, subscribe to some of the many "Yellow Springs" Facebook pages.

I may continue to post Walter's cartoons. As he is not a Facebook person, I think he might have trouble finding another venue. I will probably continue my "Back Story" and "Backyard Flock" pieces and maybe publish a story or poem or opinion piece every now-and-then. Announcements will probably be limited to events with which I am involved or just general self-promotion.

Part of this decision is dictated by my job and my dog, both of which are demanding more of my time. And that's okay - I am dedicated to both.

If you are one of my blog's followers (an option on Blogspot), I assume you will get a notification when I post something. However, for those who are not, I will take advantage of Facebook to alert my usual readers that I have posted something.

Thanks for your support. It's been a fun run.

Time to walk the dog...



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update.

I will struggle to find all the fb pages that will (not quite) substitute for coming here for the latest.

It's been great to have this place; I will miss it immensely!

Virgil Hervey said...

Thanks. On FB, look for "Yellow Springs Area" and "Yellow Springs Events" for starters...

Unknown said...


Facebook is no substitute for your blog. Even if every piece of information available in your blog were available on fb, the signal to noise ratio is completely inverted. This is true even on the "Yellow Springs Area" and "Yellow Springs Events" fb pages.

If I were at home you would be hearing my forlorn cry. I will keep watching for your next post until Blogger shuts down.


ruth lapp said...

So sorry will,miss it immensely as it has a much different feel than Facebook

ruth lapp said...

So sorry

Will miss immensely not the same as Facebook at all

Anonymous said...

I just can't place your blog in the same category as facebook. Between reading you and Walter's observations of life around town I find myself relaxing with a smile on my face. The same reaction I have after reading a bit of Dave Berry or Erma Bombeck. Keep your blog up and write whenever the muse strikes, but don't cut us off from Suki's adventures or the chickens, or even life on the south side of town.