Friday, February 1, 2013

Home, Inc. Annual Meeting Announced

Yellow Springs Home, Inc. to Hold Annual Meeting and Documentary Screening at Little Art Theatre, Sunday, Feb. 10

Yellow Springs Home, Inc. (Home, Inc.) will be holding their annual meeting and a special documentary screening at the Little Art Theatre. Next Sunday, February 10, the group will meet from 1-3pm to showcase Home Is Where the Heart Is, showcasing the West Davis Street project and the Campbell family. The West Davis Street project resulted in the affordable housing group’s first fully wheelchair accessible home for a family of six whose five-year old daughter Mia has spina bifida. The home was also rated to use approximately 50% less energy than a conventional home of the same size.

The short film will be introduced by local videographer Patti Dallas. Home, Inc. will also conduct a business meeting. Home, Inc. is the first group to hold a meeting at the Little Art Theatre, which is slated for renovation later this year. The meeting is open to the public, which is encouraged to attend. Concessions, including wine and beer, will be available for purchase.

Home, Inc. is nonprofit organization whose mission is to strengthen community and diversity in Yellow Springs and Miami Township by providing permanently affordable, sustainable housing through the Community Land Trust model. The group is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year and has provided for more than $2,500,000 in housing development in Yellow Springs through eight projects.

To learn more, visit or find Home, Inc. on Facebook at Questions? Call 937-767-2790 or email us at

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