Sunday, February 5, 2012

Yellow Springs target of petition for new law

Death of daughter prompts couple to seek law in YS

Frustrated by lack of state action on cell phone use while driving, a couple who lost their daughter in an automobile accident in Bethel Township, is going town-to-town to appeal to local governing bodies to pass such laws. Yellow Springs is to be the first as they will petition Village Council this Monday night, WDTN-TV is reporting.

WDTN-TV: Death of daughter prompts Lauren's Law


Les Groby said...

Whenever someone proposes a law bearing someone's first name, a misguided attempt to make us safer by infringing against our liberties is coming.

Virgil Hervey said...

Les: I agree that knee-jerk legislation in reaction to particular tragic events usually results in bad laws. I also think that laws like this on the local level are hard to enforce and may be unconstitutional (state constitution that is). How is one to know from town-to-town what the law is? But, I wouldn't view a state-wide ban on cellphone use while driving as an infringement on my rights. I'd view the driver who crashes into me because he is texting while driving to be an extreme infringement on my rights. If it's a law that tries to protect an individual from his own stupidity, that's one thing. If it's a law that is aimed at protecting me from someone else's stupidity, that's another.