Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chilean AFS Exchange Students available

One girl and one boy for next year

This from AFS:

Hello my AFS friends of YS,

I just received this info on these great Chilean students (one boy and one girl) who need a home for next school year. I thought of how Chileans came to YS for short stays in the past through some school program and were so warmly received. I know that some YS people have kept in contact with those Chileans they hosted and even were visited by a YS host sister. Also, I know that Aldo, the Chilean boy hosted by the Hardmans last year, is probably very warmly remembered.

So, I am hoping that there is still some interest in Chileans in YS, and maybe someone will contact me there about hosting one of these AFS'ers. Don't wait very long or they may get taken by another area.

Marla Gamble, Dayton chapter AFS volunteer

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