Saturday, April 27, 2013


Antioch College is pleased to announce a   

  FREE lecture and

performance workshop

  by New York-based artists Eric Dyer and Maggie Hoffman
 Saturday, April 27
Lecture: 1:00 p.m., in McGregor Hall, room 113  
Workshop: 2:00 p.m., McGregor Hall, room 118  

Eric Dyer and Maggie Hoffman are founding members of Radiohole, a performance ensemble and on-going experiment in non-hierarchical creative collaboration. They focus on creating and performing original theatrical performances.

Their lecture will feature a blend of PowerPoint presentation and performance art, to create a medusa-media discussion of Radiohole, it's history and work. The artists will also discuss the installation Feed me, which is a part of Appetite: An American Pastime, the current exhibition in Antioch College's Herndon Gallery. 

The performance workshop, titled "The HoleShop," is a hands-on exploration of the creative ideas and processes Radiohole engages in developing its work. Its focus is less concerned with "methods" and "techniques" than with a consideration of what "non-hierarchical" collaboration can mean, how we "play" together in creative collaboration, and the ways in which everyday technologies can be creatively engaged.

Working together in small groups, participants will develop short performances utilizing an array source material (text, video clips, music) and some of the same technologies Radiohole utilizes. The workshop will culminate in the presentation of each group's work followed by a brief discussion.  Participants should dress in comfortable clothing.  The workshop is free and open to the public, but interested parties should contact the Herndon Gallery to reserve a space.

Radiohole has performed at venues in New York City such as The Kitchen, PS122, and in its own space, the Collapsable Hole. The company has toured nationally and internationally. In its fifteen-year history, Radiohole has created eleven full-length works and earned a reputation as one of New York City's leading experimental performance companies. 

For more information, contact Dennie Eagleson, creative director of the Herndon Gallery, at or 937-768-6462.

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