Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bench to Nowhere: Where have all the flowers gone?

A Tiny Town Toon

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Les Groby said...

Why not "hemp"? It's the crop of the future.

Marcia Wallgren said...

The Yellow Springs News said the trees were planted by the tree committee in the 60's - not true. The shop owners raised the money selling hotdogs at the 4th of July celebration. Alicia Bonadies spearheaded the effort to improve the downtown business district. I helped her unload the first tree to be planted from her 1948 pickup truck around 1977. If they plan to spend money to replace lights and sidewalks on Xenia Ave., a cohesive plan that ties the business district (Xenia, Corry and Dayton St.) together visually with distinct sidewalks, benches, cans & lighting fixtures would be wise. Consulting the business owners as to their needs and ideas would be a good place to start. Cutting down the trees is not.

Anonymous said...

Does this Council have any idea how they spend our money? Time and personnel to cut down trees is an expense and use of our tax dollars.
When are people going to figure out we need Council people who can balance a checkbook and add?