Sunday, February 6, 2011

Announcing the Horace Mann Fellowship

In response to the extensive interest in Antioch College’s reopening, the Board Pro Tempore, during an executive session at its January 2011 meeting, established the rights and responsibilities of the Horace Mann Fellowship, a competitive award package that will go to the select few students admitted as members of the college’s first class this fall. The Board also extended the deadline for nominations and applications to March 1, 2011.

Notifications to applicants who submitted their materials in time for the January 1 Early Decision deadline were mailed this week.

In addition to full-tuition scholarships for all four years, Horace Mann Fellows will have the opportunity to be mentored by the college’s alumni; will work with members of the College faculty and staff to design the infrastructure for a shared governance system; and will have a voice as advisors to the president, Mark Roosevelt, himself an education reformer, teacher and political activist. They will get real training in policy-making and in cooperating with people of different ages, who have different experiences and backgrounds from their own.

The fellowship gets its name from Antioch College’s first president, who, in his final address as president of the College, gave Antioch its enduring mission: “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.”

That mission defines who we are as an institution and makes Antioch College unlike any other college in America. With its rebirth, the College is revolutionizing its approach to undergraduate education. The curriculum emphasizes the study of language and culture — global connectedness.

Students spend six of their 15 quarters in a wide variety of full-time, paid work placements off campus. Historically, Antioch College students have worked at film studios in Los Angeles, in law firms in Chicago, at theaters in New York, at elementary schools in Florida, and other locations around the world.

Before they graduate, students will complete at least one extended international work assignment in a foreign country or within a cross-cultural setting in the U.S. The international co-op is a culmination of their extensive foreign language study and a series of Global Seminars on critical world issues.

The educational vision is uniquely suited to developing citizens with the skills, habits of mind and values necessary today and into the future. Antioch College students will adopt a global perspective, work to clarify their values, and develop the flexibility to adapt to frequent change.

Go to for additional information or contact the Office of Admission/Horace Mann Fellowship at 937.319.6082.

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